What's a crossover?

A crossover (aka progressive or run) is a step or sequence of steps in which the free foot passes the skating foot before it is placed on the ice, thereby bringing the new free foot off the ice trailing the new skating foot.

It's a basic stroking technique in figure skating for gaining speed while skating along a curve or circle. They are skated either forwards or backwards and the upper body is turned to face into the circle with the arms extended.
Normally it's followed by a step into the original direction.

LFO - Pr - LFO
Left forward outside edge - crossover - left forward outside edge

XF also tells you to cross in front of your skating foot.

sources: www.isu.org & https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_figure_skating_terms

Last update on 12. March 2018 by Gudrun Wakolbinger.

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