Non profit organization Rundtanzen am Eis in Wien (founded January 6th 2017)Verein Rundtanzen am Eis in Wien

'Rundtanzen am Eis in Wien - Eistanzen am Wiener Eislaufverein' is a non profit organization. It was founded January 6th 2017.


Its aim is to maintain and support the cultural heritage of round-dancing on the ice.


The organization 'Rundtanzen am Eis' makes a point to continue to pass on the oral tradition of round-dancing on the ice, which has been practised for about 150 years. Its goal is to be included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage of the UNESCO.


Round-dancing on the ice is anything but a professional sport. Unlike competitive ice-dancing which is standardized around the world, it is danced with love and enthusiasm on the Wiener Eislaufverein and is comparable with Viennese ballroom traditions where it is common practise for a single man to ask a lady for a dance. Round-dancing is enjoyed anti-clockwise in a circle.


The pair and group dances don't follow a set pattern and it is possible to combine moves and steps of various dances.


Round-dancing on the ice is fairly easy to pick-up, though it's important to feel comfortable skating forwards and backwards.


I would be happy if you support our project and become a member of Rundtanzen am Eis in Wien.


If your are interested to join sign up with us or send an e-mail to:


Sporty greetings


Reinhard Lederer



The main goals of 'Rundtanzen am Eis'' are described as follows:

  • admittance in the national list of intangible cultural heritage of the UNESCO.
  • public relations (homepage, newsletters, publications)
  • passing on traditions actively on the ice
  • organisation of dance courses related to round-dancing
  • organisation of dance music
  • creation, collection and conservation of objects and documents related to round-dancing (photos, videos, sound documents, books, ice skates,...)
  • acquisition and operation of hardware aiming at recording, editing, distributing and storage of videos and publications
  • enhance contact with similar sports like standardized (ice)dancing, figure skating, syncronized skating, freestyle, ice-hockey, inline-skating
  • team-up with other institutions regarding round-dancing (e.g. Engelmann, Eistanz München)
  • organisation of meetings regarding ice-dancing
  • round-dancing events (e.g. carnival, trial courses)
  • organisation of trips (e.g. Neusiedlersee, Munich)