Round Dance School


One of the most important things in round-dancing is to feel comfortable skating backwards. Besides, steps like the Mohawk are important, which enable you to change direction in a controlled way.

Kseniya and Oleg produced an amazing video. They explain the difference between ‚open and closed Mohawks‘.





I’d like to provide you with a few tips. It usually takes a while to understand the basics of the Mohawk. Most people don’t learn it from one day to the next. It is a good idea to ask different people how it is done. Remember, professionals are much more flexible than most of us are and gymnastics helps a lot. The turn only works if you move your hip. If you are a beginner turn your head first (counter your moving direction) before you turn backwards. It helps you not to block yourself. Once you gain convidence you will find yourself doing it less obviously, like the professionals.


The terms ‚open‘ and ‚closed‘ Mohawk are a bit misleading, though when watching the videos it’s pretty obvious. For an open mohawk, the heel of the free foot is placed on the ice at the inner side of the skating foot and for a closed mohawk, the free foot is placed on the ice behind the heel of the skating foot.

Forward & backward crossovers

Ask a well travelled ice-dancer. They will be happy to show you how it is done.

Some might say that it is more important to know your crossovers before.
One more tip for you, make sure you don't hear any scratching on the ice, that's a no-go ;-)