What defines our round-dance music?

Marching Music (114-120 bpm)
Waltz (180-190 bpm)
Fast Dance (Java) (110-126 bpm)
usually Samba, occasionally Jive or Quickstep
Slow Dance (80-112 bpm)
Tango (112-118 bpm)
Slow Waltz (80-103 bpm)

For dance music it is important, that the volume stays at the same level.

Rythm and speed shouldn't change during the piece of music. Often there is a concert and a dance version of a piece of music.

Use the 'BPM Tap' on your mobile to count the beats per minute

As it is true for the step sequences in round-dancing, there are also exceptions to that rule. 1st of January you can enjoy your waltz with change in rhythm, live from the Wiener Konzerthaus.


We are happy to receive new suggestions for dance music. You are welcome to provide a YouTube link as well.


Please send your ideas to tanzkreis@eistanz-wien.at


bpm ... beats per minute