Ice Dancing

Ice dancing - what is it? For grassroots sport, it is a rather exotic unknown way of dancing, because this is known first and foremost as a great competitive sport. But there are however, two cities in the center of Europe, in which there is the tradition of ice dancing for fun and passion - Vienna and Munich. Here we want to pay tribute to this sport, which is called "round dance".


As the name implies, the round dance is danced in a circle. You dance counterclockwise - very rarely also clockwise ;-) The round dance is danced for about 150 years at the "Wiener Eislaufverein" (Vienna Ice Skating Club) in Vienna and also in Munich. Similar to a ball, the gentlemen asks the ladies for a dance - no fixed partner is required. The individual dances, which are danced in the dance circle are partly very easy to learn. It is neither a performance sport nor competitions sport - round dance is danced because of the desire for the movement.

Getting started is relatively easy. Moving forward and backward and one or two steps and you can already dance a waltz on the ice ...

Couple Dancing


The waltz is the easiest dance of the round dances - quick to learn and very swinging.


The Java is the dance, which is danced to a four-quarter time. The step sequence is already a bit more demanding. The steps of the waltz can be integrated into the dance.


The Kilian exists in a simple variant and in a somewhat more challenging. Typical for this dance is the so-called Kilian hold, where the dance partners dance side by side with crossed arms.


The dance is presented close to each other. Music: waltz Steps: many threes ("Herz" means heart, because of the heart shape of the threes).



... you can mix all together ...

Group Dances


The chain-kilian (Kettenkilian) is a short form of the Kilian step - several dancers dance together - three, four ... sometimes up to eight. It is especially important for this reason that everybody is driving in the same direction ;-)


The "Knopf"-dance is danced by 4, 6, 8, ... dancers.

"Knopf" is "wienerisch" slang for knot.

Dumpling Dance

Is a form of the "Herzel"-Dance ...

Circlewaltz (Kreiswalzer)

A crowd of dancers dance together in a circle. A dancer announce the special steps - like simple turn, double turn, ...
Music: waltz

Münchner Dipferl

Special dance from Munich ...

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