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Walzer mit Bögen ('continued waltz with curves') 

Similar to the '12er' is the '10er'. If you rather dance the '12-step' waltz with a 'Chassé' it's even easier and known as 'Zehner'.

The 'continued waltz with curves' is the simplified version of the '12-step waltz' and it's our Viennese Waltz on the ice.
It is recommended to learn the moves of the '12-step waltz' first.
The speed not achieved through a crossover, but with the help of two curves on the outside edge.


Strictly speaking it is exactly 12 steps as  internationally the Chassé is written and counted as one step. In fact the 'grey steps' are only a short push with the free foot ;-) which gives you more time for buoyant curves.
When skating outside curves the supporting foot is dynamically stretched to gain speed. 


The numbers in brackets are telling the beat. 1 + 2+ 3 + being the three-four time rhythm.
The 'continued waltz with curves' xan be combined with the '12er' (12-step waltz). The lady skates a crossover, while the man a xurve on the outside edge or the other way around. 

Variation: RBO (1+2+) can be also danced as RBO (1) ChLBI(+) RBO (2+) to gain even more speed.


10-step-waltz - LADIES
10-step-waltz - MEN

Each step is a push with the free foot and you gain the required speed. Exceptions are the 'green steps' which describe after a change of  direction (e.g. Mowhawk), the foot (left or right), the direction (backwards) and the edge (inside or outside).


Wienerwalzer im Februar 2016