Short Films

Viennese Waltz (2016-02)

Christina&Bernhard - dance in the sun (2016-02)

Christina and Peter (2015-12)

Christina and Reinhard (2015-12)

Four-"Knopf" in the Sun of February (2016)

Circlewaltz (carnival sunday 2016)

Kilian (2016-02)

Chanson d'amour (Christina und Bernhard, Dez.2015)

Sonja and Max (2015-12)

Eight times Java (Februar 2016)

Tango by Valerie and Martin (2015-12)

Boggie by Christina and Max (Jän.2016)

Christina and Reinhard - Kilian (2016-02)

Two Chains (Zwei Ketten)

Four-Herzln (2015-10)

Chain-Kilian (2015-12)

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